Something that I’m sure I’m not the only one that struggles with – is the balance between making sure I’m in the moment, but also capturing some pictures and memories of the moment to look back on later. One of the smartest things I did with Finn’s birthday, was asking a friend to take some pictures during the party for me. I thought I might have time but I better have a back up. It turns out I took a grand total of 3 photos before the party started and didn’t pick up my phone again till 6 pm that evening!

I was a little bummed because I stayed up so late gouging my hands to ground beef making a greenery garland and a few others DIY’s and watching Charlie Rose with my dad and I had made a mental note to take some pictures of them in detail before the party started and of course everything was crazy and I was running around like a first time mom at her first baby’s first birthday party and I didn’t have the opportunity.

As we were cleaning up that evening, I suddenly had a brainwave, “Hey – why don’t we just do this again tomorrow?” Not the whole party of course, but why don’t I just redress her, use the decor I had worked so hard on and take some shots. I also saved her cake smash cake, cause she really didn’t get the memo on the whole “smashing” part. Unfortunately, when I went to get Finn after I’d set up the cake smash..the dogs had decided to take the cake was thoroughly smashed…sigh..

Now the secret here is, I don’t actually own a camera (it’s on my someday wish list!) so I take all my photos with my iPhone. The only issue with this is conditions must be ideal. AKA lots of light! So I hijacked my parents master bedroom, borrowed a sheet and a vinyl tablecloth and set this up!

I’ll share a few of my iPhone photography tips at the end of this post – I’m no expert but they’ve gotten me through this far!


It was so fun..but sweaty. Trying to keep a busy baby in one spot for more than one second is a serious challenge! I highly recommend having a second set of hands involved. Trying to wrangle a baby and take the pictures at the same time is no easy feat when they’re bent on wiggling!

img_3989_snapseedimg_3967_snapseed_snapseedimg_3960_snapseed   img_3964_snapseed   img_3980_snapseed

Peace out mom. I’m out of here.

img_4044_snapseed img_4040 img_4016_snapseed img_4048_snapseedimg_4046_snapseed

My Personal Favorite.


Drops mic. Done with this.


As promised – here are my iPhone photo tips – they basically go like this:

Good Lighting




There are so many great apps to help get your photos just right!

1.) LIGHT –  Good lighting is your friend! Natural light is definitely your best friend – get near a window! If it’s at a time with direct sunlight, try diffusing it a bit by closing the blinds if you can, you want light and bright, but not shadowy and overexposed all at the same time!

2.) Afterlight  – This is the best photo editing app as far as I’m concerned, it does all the colour correcting basics a newbie like me needs and I can level and crop as much as needed.

3.) Snapseed – so this is one I’ve only been using a few months that I learned from a podcast – but it’s a wonderful tool! Have you ever wanted to just lighten/dark/pump the colour in one part of your picture? This is the best tool! You can select bits of your photo and go from there, it’s my secret weapon!

4.) Instagram – Shocking right? I’m sure there’s another app that does what I’m about to say, but I just don’t know it yet! Some times I have a photo that’s just slightly off centered, or angled a little bit and the lack of symmetry drives me crazy! In instagram, under the “adjust” settings, you can not only straighten your picture, but “bend” it a bit to get it at just the right angle! Brilliant! If I’m not actually posting the picture to insta, I’ll simply screen shot it and keep going with whatever I am working on.

Those are my tips! I’d love to move to a grown up camera at some point but we’ll see what happens. I’ve had a lot of fun learning a little bit about photography here and there. It’s been a fun way to catch all the different dimensions of Finn’s personality.

Any photo tips you might have for a newbie like me?