Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness, OH MY GOODNESS!!! YOU GUYS!!!

So last week, I had finally sat down and written an entire post on Finn’s “condition”, the medical reasoning on why she was still not walking at nearly 21 months, and still holding her foot in a funny ballerina position. Well, as you most likely already know, Finnley was given the working diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. As you can imagine, that was shocking to us and totally unexpected, as it was to many of you. This seemed totally out of left field and not what we were expecting at all. Those words seemed scary and intimidating.

The more we learned, the less we had to fear, as CP can range from extremely mild to very severe. We had been assured that even if this was CP, she was on the very minor end of the scale and this isn’t something that is degenerative or in other words, something that will get worse. I wrote an entire post with many of the frequently asked questions we’d received, a little bit about exactly what CP was, as well as a very heartfelt thank you to all of those that had taken the time to check in with us and support us and most importantly PRAY.


This may be my favourite but of all time (and here I was thinking it’d be my husband’s butt forever 😉 )

In a flurry of a crazy week (read: house renos, family in town, trip to the mainland), we had another specialist appointment. I wasn’t feeling super optimistic that we’d learn anything new as there had been a mix up with our intake process for the children’s centre and all that had happened since our last appointment was, we had filled out a bunch of developmental questionnaires and assessments ourselves, but she had yet to have any professional assessments or start therapy. The only super encouraging thing was our questionnaire scores that we’d filled out all scored in the very normal range with the exception of anything to do with walking (no surprises there). So after chatting with our doc (who we ADORE and is so good with Finn + an amazing doctor), he checked her out, watched her play and listened to our review of our tests and with the words that came out of his mouth next, I had to restrain myself from WOOHOOO’ing/kissing our very beloved doc: (I’ll paraphrase)

“She is a bit of a mystery (AMEN).  After working with the foot a little bit, if this was CP, the foot should eventually flex and I should be able to get to it relax, but I am still getting no flexion from it. I am beginning to think this isn’t Cerebral Palsy – this is starting to look more to me like a stiff tendon due to the fact that it does not bend at all.


While this is still yet to be official and also considered a “working diagnosis”, (it’s a waiting game before we will know for sure,) there is still a long road of physiotherapy and most likely a small surgery and cast situation, this news is headed in the right direction!! AND just because Finnley was bent on making this week a memorable one, the next day she officially began independently walking! MIRACLES UPON MIRACLES.

And lastly, just for kicks, she had her first physio appointment, did so well! And the therapist said “if this is CP, it’s the most mild case I’ve ever seen”. THANK YOU JESUS.

So again, THANK YOU! From the bottom of our hearts for all your love, support and prayers in this time. We have such a beautiful community around us and I could hardly wait to share with you all this exciting news!

Here’s a happy Finn dance in celebration

PS if you were coming on here looking for a renovation update, be patient, it’s coming!! Look for something near the end of the week!

PPS I just LOVE this photo of my Dad and Finn. Next to me, PAPA is Finnley’s favourite human in the world.

PPPS (is that a thing?!) All photos are from the most beautiful wedding I had the honour of officiating and Finnley was the flower girl for! Robin and Deandra Soudek – your day was a dreammmmm! Brett Reid Photography 🙂