How can it be that time already?! Finnley turned ONE last Sunday and I and I feel like all the cliches are true! “They grow up so fast!” “It feels like just yesterday…” Anyways, it was as lovely as it was anticlimactic. Little love had no idea why her mama acted like a crazy, emotional basket case all day, but she was thrilled to play with a balloon! We did a little party for her on Saturday (ok little might be putting it mildly) but it was SO MUCH FUN to plan! I had to continuously admit to myself, Jordan and others that “this party is totally about me. I know next year she’ll want some kind of theme – this year I get to make it pretty before Paw-Patrol or one of those things takes over”. (Plus…we were a little bit celebrating the fact that Jordan and I had successfully made it through an ENTIRE YEAR of parenting!!)

Since her birthday falls on November the 20th, I want to find a theme that was wintery – but not Christmasy. Not that I was sticking to anything too strongly, but I finally settled on “Whimsical Woodland”. Basically, winter greenery, rose gold and white! I had one thouuuusssannnnd ideas coming out  my ears but I also knew Captain Saves-His-Money could not justify a million dollar party for a baby who wouldn’t remember it. So I had to improvise and you know what? Most of those cute Etsy birthday paper products are fairly easy to make yourself!

I knew I wanted the grand centrepiece of the party decor to be the cake! I’ve always enjoyed baking and have dabbled in a few cake projects before, but this time I wanted to take it to the next level! Literally. I wanted to do a two tiered cake. So I enlisted the help of my cake mentors – Whitney and Rachel. Special thanks to Whitney for supplying me with many cake tools I did not own, and Rachel for answering my questions at the 11th hour. I was mostly thrilled with how it turned out and I even had time to make a little cake smash cake for Finn!

Speaking of which, the cake smash was hilarious because Finn didn’t want to get her hands dirty at her party and daddy couldn’t handle it, so he smashed part of it for her! I saved the rest of it for the next day and did a little photoshoot with her … but that’s for another post!

Thank you to all those that came out and blessed our baby girl! We are so thankful for how deeply she is loved and cherished by so many! Our village is the best and our baby girl is so well loved!






I had so much fun making the cakes – I had never done two tiers before and for my first time – things went relatively smoothly! Also, a little Etsy hack for you – I totally spaced and forgot to order my cake topper in time – so I went to Michael’s – bought sturdy, sparkly scrapbooking paper, used some skewer sticks and hot glue and taa-daaa made my own (with Courtney’s help!)


One thing I’m really sad I didn’t get any great pictures of – was the GIANT balloons! We had huge balloons that were two feet around and Finn thought they were fantastic! I had also searched the city looking for a rose gold number balloon – when I couldn’t find one I suddenly thought to myself, “self – why don’t you spray paint one?” So I did! Well, my family-in-law showed up from Vancouver and I greeted them with cans of spray paint and directions in hand! They were such champs and down for anything.










Kelsey and I have been friends since kindergarten – here we are – raising our babies together!



Dress: Old Navy

Sweater: H&M

Tights: Carter’s

Balloons: Party Crashers

Highchair Tassels: Michael’s