In the meantime.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what this word means lately. Basically in the short sense it means, in the present. Right now. In the current situation. In fact, I’ve thought so much about it lately that I’m even sharing a message on it on Wednesday morning with our Women’s gathering.

Sometimes the present is the hardest place to be isn’t it? It’s easier to dream about the future, the somedays, the places you hope to go. Or reminisce about the past, the good times, when life was gooood.  Or perhaps the bad times that you wear as a cloak of security. They’re the things that you can safely use as an excuse from moving forward or trying again.

And yet, here we are. In the present. All of us. We are in this moment, in these circumstances. Perhaps that feels overwhelming to you. Perhaps that feels underwhelming to you. You thought you’d be further along. You thought you’d have a better handle or perhaps you’re one of those who feel like this is a moment to smile upon because you never thought you’d get this far. Congrats. You’ve made it.

What’s next. What do I do in the meantime? I’m here, but I want to be there. Hurry up and wait so to speak.

We are currently walking through an adventurous season in a few ways. The biggest way is that we are trying to buy a house. A WHOLE HOUSE! I know, crazy right?

Crazy for a few reasons:

  1. This housing market is BANANAS
  2. We have become fiscally responsible enough adults to have actually made it to the place that we can entertain buying a home
  3. This housing market is BANANAS

Now. What does this have to do with being present in the meantime you may ask. Good question.

I’ll explain what a house signifies for us: it’s a place to grow our family in many ways.  I love to nest. I love to paint (walls). I want a place to call our own. I don’t want to have to call our property manager and wait 2 months to get something looked at, or permission to paint things. It’s a place to call ours. To make ours. To build love into a home and host family Thanksgiving dinners.It’s a place to break bread with our community. To invite people in; those visiting, those that need a roof over their head for a season, and my hope and dream –  to foster littles that may have never known the stability and love of happy home.

I realize it’s a material thing, but it will house what is most precious to me.

I laugh when I think about how starry eyed we were going into this process. “Oh we’ll just look around and fine something to make ours lalalala”.


Ok I’m just kidding. I haven’t found anything I loved enough to threaten anyone with a competing offer’s families ….yet.

It’s crazy. Everything we’ve been interested in has gone for well above asking (like 50,000-150,000 over asking EEP) and the kick in the pants is…most of them need a TONNE of work in the first place.

This crazy market is standing between us and our someday. 

This is the meantime. It’s between here and the future then. Life almost feels on hold. We won’t have anymore babies, look into fostering, host Christmas dinner. None of those things till we are settled. So now what?

Without sounding trite – we trust God in this process. We trust he cares for the biggest things in our lives and the smallest. We trust that He already has the house we are meant to have all picked out for us. In HIS time. 

This was a great mentality, until the PERFECT house didn’t work out. Actually, to add insult to injury – it was a development of NINE homes that went in 48 hours. NINE. We missed out on NINE perfect homes, I really had to put my money where my mouth was and remember my perfect idea might be less and shortsighted in view of what God’s perfect idea might be.

But the present reality is – those weren’t the homes for us. It’s easy to let go when it’s something you don’t really care about. It’s that much harder not to force, push, pull and beg when it’s something you love. When it seems perfect. It’s the present that is getting in the way of the future.

But in the meantime. In the present. We can have perspective…I find life often is made or broken by perspective. In this moment – the reality is, we are living in a crae-zee market. But this crazy market is in a beautiful city (part of why it is so crazy), we aren’t in a position that we are having to rush. We have time on our side. We have a very nice place that we rent (chances are anything we can afford to buy at this point won’t have heated floors or a jacuzzi tub). We can take our time till the right one comes. We will enjoy the place we are in and the anticipation of the search. We can invite God to show off in this situation (Because heaven KNOWS it’s going to take a miracle to get us into this market). So in the meantime we choose trust. Trust that God already knows the right place for us. We choose to continue to be faithful with our finances, to give, to not hold on to every last cent too tightly but remember there is more to life than money. We choose thankfulness that we are even in a position to be looking to buy a house. We aren’t at the ending of this chapter yet but the meantime is an exciting adventure of twists and turns and wayyy too many stained old carpets and ugly bathrooms.

Let me know all your tips, tricks and thoughts if you’ve been through this process before!

PS make sure to check back as we continue this adventure. I may even get around to posting some inspiration pictures (because I reaaally need another excuse to waste time on Pinterest!) Here are a couple that just look cozy and lovely to me (and most likely out of our budget if I was totally honest! 😐 )





Images: Via Pinterest