It doesn’t matter where I go online these days, the internet has it figured out that I’m a mom now (It’s seriously weird how those things work). Anywho, I can’t go more than three clicks without some sidebar or some post relating to some sort of product that promises to make motherhood more sane (I’m still waiting for the full night sleep pill). While there are a handful of baby products that have made my life easier* (more on that in another post), but there have been a few products that I use literally almost every day that make mom’ing feel a little less, you know “momish” and a little more glamorous. Ok, not glamorous that’s definitely an exaggeration, but at least like I am managing to stay slightly put together and dare I say..pampered.

Non-mom mom ess

1.Vitruvi Home Cleaning Kit // 2. Vitruvi Sleep Mist // 3. Honest Company Body Oil // 4. Honest Company Multi-Purpose Spray // 5. Qia Coconut Oatmeal // 6. S’Well Waterbottle // 7. Organic Coconut Oil // 8. Nespresso Vertruoline + Aeroccino

  1. Vitruvi blending kits – I am a faithful user of many Vitruvi products (as you all have heard about during my giveaway) – And they’ve recently fulfilled all my essential oil dreams and have just released SIXTEEN incredible pure essential oils. I’ve been cleaning my house, helping our colds and brighting our home for the last couple weeks with all sorts of ah-mazing blends. Mama’s jumped on the oils train! (Bonus points because not only is Viturvi fair trade but created and crafted right in Vancouver! SO much love for the vision and quality of all their products). I couldn’t just pick one of their products, I use so many!
  2. Vitruvi Sleep Mist – Whether I’m starting my day with their super convenient roll on oils, or spritzing my face with their Sleep mist before bed, these refreshing moments not only help me wake up or help me unwind after a crazy day, they help me get in the zone with no matter what I’m doing. The sleep mist has been exceptionally helpful because I consistently use it every night before bed. I mist my face, mist my pillow, and it definitely puts my brain into bedtime mode no matter if we’re at home or traveling (even camping!) or whatever “sleep time is now” (Especially for a girl who takes 23408 position changes and solves all the world’s issues before she actually falls asleep – seriously helpful).
  3. Honest Company Body Oil – this product was amazing during pregnancy on my rapidly expanding belly and afterwards. I love it after I get out of the shower and apply a little (which goes a lonnnnggg way). It absorbs pretty quickly considering you’re slathering oil on your body and i can’t believe how when I’m consistent in using it, my dry skin changes so quickly. Also, it’s super great on babies too! When Finn’s had some dry patches I’ve slathered her down in it and it clears it right up.
  4. Honest Company Multi-Purpose Spray – I really just love the Honest Company in general but I am trying to stay with things that aren’t necessarily specifically for baby but help life as a mom feel a little less sticky in all senses *shudder* (Can I get an amen from the literal sticky-aphobes?!). I originally bought this spray to scrub down the crib and anything else surface-wise baby may be coming into contact with. I now use it on everything! It has a perfect light grapefruit sent and I use it on Finn’s highchair, my kitchen counters (it makes my stove top shine!), cleaning out my fridge, bathrooms, everything! Before I bought my Vitruvi Grapefruit oil…I may have just sprayed it around the room as room freshener from time to time… don’t tell anyone.
  5. Q’ia Superfood Coconut Oatmeal – This was given to me in a “mama basket” and I totally underestimated how handy it would be. While prepackaged anything is your friend when you have children, this was great because it was packed with nutritious things, high in fibre (and all the new mamas said THANK YOU) and I could just dump it in a bowl and add water. Delicious, convenient and healthy.  Breakfast thinking, done.
  6. S’Well Water Bottle – Ok, this one I must confess is a bit of a stretch. But it is something I WISH I had! I highly recommend all mamas get a water bottle that they’re happy to carry around with them everywhere because trust me, if you’re nursing, you’re gonna need it! This one is one I wish I had because it keeps drinks cold for TWENTY FOUR HOURS!! Ah-mazing. The only downside is, I wish they had a top that you could open with just one hand, because, sometimes, it’s hard to wrangle a baby and have two hands to spare! (That’s another suggestion, get a bottle you can open with one hand and drink laying down – it helps with those nighttime feeds for sure!)
  7. Coconut Oil – Come on. Could any granola-y mom list these days not feature this product?  This isn’t really anything crazy but I have been using it for a lot of things! When I didn’t use the Honest body oil, I’ve used this on myself, on Finn, on Finn’s cradle cap, peely little newborn skin, combined the unscented stuff with a little Vitruvi Eucalyptus as Baby Vicks, make up remover, etc. I have purchased zero baby lotions – coconut oil & body oil are the only things I use on Finn and most of the time on myself. Keep it simple sweetheart. (Bonus, I’ve just picked up this tip from a friend – throw your non-scented coconut oil in your mixer and whip it on high for a few moments, add some Vitruvi oils – voila! – A perfectly light, whipped moisturizer. Definitely less heavy than straight out of the jar oil).
  8. Nespresso Vertruoline + Aeroccino – Ok friends, this was the mama sanity-saver inspiration behind this post. Before Finn was born, I carefully took the time to explain to Jord that being a millennial, I expect gifts and praise for every occasion, especially after producing his first born child. Low and behold the newest fad in the “I DESERVE AN AWARD FOR EVERYTHING” generation , the Push Present. Now, most women ask for jewelry, but I wanted something moreee…. divine. Like, the life-giving nectar of mothers everywhere..Coffee. Not just coffee; delicious, strong, luxurious coffee that would be worth getting out of bed for. Not only that but that which I could make at the touch of a button, while juggling your new offspring with my other arm. That’s not to much to ask considering I just pushed a watermelon out of a garden hose is it honey? Didn’t think so. So one morning just before baby, I came out to the kitchen to find the Cadillac of coffee makers. I could have dedicated this whole post to this one product. I will try and explain my love in point form.
    1. Consistently FLIPPING DELICIOUS espresso and coffee + steamed frothy milk (either frothed or foamed, whichever you’d prefer) that I can literally make with one hand.
    2. It’s fool proof and now my British tea loving husband can make me mommy drinks (The coffee kind, not the wine kind) that are as delicious as if there was a barista living in my kitchen.
    3. Speaking of Starbucks, if you need a selling feature to convince your better-half, YOU GUYS. My coffee shop visitation has basically shrunk to “when meeting someone for coffee”. That’s it. I never stop for coffee anymore. I actually tried to take our Nespresso on vacation with us and Jordan said no. It’s actually that good. Last month I am fairly certain when Captain SavesHisMoney did our budget review his exact words were “And you spent nothing in your coffee shop budget, good job MaeMae”.
    4. Some people get worried about machines like this due to the waste of these single use pods. That was something else I considered before I got one. The capsules are aluminum pods which I take to the nearest Home Outfitters, dump in their recycling bins and they are sent back to the Nespresso factor where the aluminum and coffee grounds are seperated and the packaging is sent to be melted down into other aluminum products and the grounds are created into high quality compost. Win-win
    5. PS – If you wait till Bay Days at The Bay – they throw in the milk steamer FO FREE!

Ok. that’s it. That’s my list. There are lots of things that are helpful along the way but these are the few things I’ve consistently come back to. They’re alll great products (that I am still using by the way!) for yourself or maybe something a little different for a baby shower gift. Seriously, if we had the funds, I’d be giving all this stuff away as a mama-starter pack to every new mom.

Do you have any non-mom mom products you’ve found particularly useful? Please share! i love giving uncommon gifts for baby showers!