Four weeks. How is my baby four weeks old? This has been the fastest month of my life. I’ve been asked a million times in the last four weeks – “tell us about your labor” and “why is your make up and hair done right after birth?!” (that might actually be the number one question – priorities people!!) .  I could fill a book with the number of ways my life has changed in the last month but I’m going to try and stay focused on one subject at a time –  so I’ll just stick to labour day today. I’ve finally had both hands free at the same time to post a little something.. but because I am naturally long winded I decided to split this into two parts – prehospital and during hospital.

Here’ goes.

So a few basics:

I finished work to go on mat leave Thursday November 12th. My due date was November 27th. I had two goals:

1.) Work the following Thursday (the 19th) for a coworker who was getting married on the Friday (barring I didn’t have a child before then)

2. ) Make it to said coworker (Norma’s) wedding on the 20th.

These were my pre-baby goals,  baby could come anytime after that. Now, you might have been scoffing at me “Don’t stress yourself out dear, first babies are usually late, you’ll be fine” but I have to subtle brag about my mother here for a second – her first baby (me) was 10 days early and a 4 hour labour. Her second, was induced on her due date and was 3 hours. If I have ever prayed for a genetic blessing from my mother besides her legs – her quick labour genes were high on the list. There was a little inkling in the back of my mind that I thought I may just be early but I tried not to dwell on it too much.

Fast forward to November 19th. Boom. Polished off that work day and was feeling pretty good. Baby stayed put and all I had to do now was make it through Norma’s wedding and then I would start the jumping jacks and spicy food.

November 20th I woke up in the morning with a killer headache and just kind of felt “icky”. So I decided to have a bath. A long one. I’d had braxton hicks pretty much all the way through the second half of my pregnancy so i just assumed my ickyness was braxton hicks related.

Kristina sent me pictures of the bridesmaids’ makeup all done beautifully – I sent them a picture of my headachey self. Basically we looked the same..

By the time I got out of the bath and started getting moving (say around 11 am) I suddenly realized..this may actually be real labour. (There were a few other symptoms but I’ll spare you the details). Now, the next logical thing to do would be to inform Jordan. Well, I didn’t want to be one of those crazy ladies that announced she was in labour every other day so I thought I’d wait a bit to make sure this was the real deal (It also didn’t help that we had been summoned to the hospital a week before for some potential concerns and Jordan had been that stereotypical basketcase dad-to-be, so I didn’t want to alarm him prematurely). So, naturally the logical thing to do is text a friend! Coincidentally, texting Courtney, who used to work on the labour and delivery floor, is a wealth of baby knowledge and fantastic sarcastic comments.  We were also her ride to the wedding that afternoon, so she had a double interest in this potential labour. I sent Jordan on errands and decided to clean the house and finish packing the hospital bags. By 1ish Jordan had returned and Courtney was wondering if she needed to find another ride to the wedding. I decided this was probably a good time to let Jordan in on the fun. This time around he was much more calm and collected (probably after I had enjoyed sharing with everyone about his “ungluedness” last time at the hospital he was probably quite determined to seem “unruffled”)

Amy: Now, Jordan. I am pretty sure I’m in early labour.

Jordan: How do you know?

Amy: *details redacted due to ick factor* (My dad might read this!)

Jordan: So..when will we have a baby by?Like in a day or two? Or like three? I’m going to google it (Naturally).

Amy: I don’t know, but I do need to get the floors washed and we need to get a few things done around the house before we go to the wedding .  #Priorities.

Jordan: We aren’t going to the wedding now!!

Amy: Well, we are. I’m the boss now. I’d rather sit at a wedding and enjoy it then sit at home counting contractions.

Jordan: *Practices breathing we learned in prenatal class* That’s right Jord, the breathing techniques were for you.

Jordan: “Nookers!! (Our dog) you’re going to be a big sister so soon!” (Obviously Jordan Baker’s reaction – inform the dog.)

So off to the wedding we go (after Jordan does the most thorough vacuuming of all time).

We sat through the wedding timing contractions on the app on Jordan’s phone (there really is an app for everything) and Norma thoughtfully put her wedding programs on popsicle sticks so those made a very convenient fan! I’d squeeze the life out of Jordan’s leg – he’d start the timer and Courtney would breath me through it/provide amusing wedding commentary.

All the funny things people said to us through the reception:  “When are you due? Oh! Not too long now!” Yup..not too long… I was bound and determined not to say anything – wearing white on the bride’s wedding day might take some attention away from the bride but announcing you’re in labour would just be plain rude.

Actually, funny side story and a test to how strong my silent pledge was – happens to be a close friend, and also the photographer at this wedding – Luke had shot photos of us when we were about 6 weeks along and we managed to keep it under wraps and he didn’t find out till a month or two later when we went to visit him and his wife. When we got to the wedding we rode up in the elevator with him and he goes “last time I saw you, you were secretly pregnant – now you’re almost due!”. Almost Luke, almost. Then on his way out after the wedding  he says “I’m leaving now, no going into labour after I leave the wedding. You better not have a baby today” “Ha..ha ..funny Luke *breathe..breathe*…see ya!” Only hours later did he learn the real truth – Sorry uncle Luke!!  Poor guy.


This was mid-contraction.. My smile might actually be a grimace. But can we talk about how stunning Norma looks? (And the ridiculous amount of colour coordination happening on the right?) 

I also had the sudden realization one of us had a slight  horrific resemblance to another expectant couple at a formal event…


Jordan and Kanye are practically twins!!

So by the end of the wedding..around 4:30 I was starting to feel pretty uncomfortable and my birth team (aka Jordan, and Courtney  -because she was stuck with us by default of needing a ride… just kidding we invited her)  we debated and  decided to make our way from the Oak Bay Beach Hotel, to the VGH. Of course. Friday afternoon, rush hour traffic, across town.  Let me tell you – when your contractions are getting stronger – there is not a radio station in the world that sounds good. I think changed the radio station every 3 minutes the entire way – though we all came to a consensus we liked Bieber’s new album. Even Jordan.

Looking back now, I have to laugh because even up till this point, timing my contractions, I was still a little worried in the back of my head I was experiencing false labour – I just was so concerned we’d show up at the hospital and they’d send us home! Eventually, an hour later we made our way to the hospital. Coincidentally – Courtney’s sister-in-law’s sister (got that?) was also there in labour. So that was nice, we all had a nice meet and greet in the lobby. (Not the lady in labour – all the other family members) and with that – we made our way up to the labour and delivery floor…

Tune in for part two tomorrow!