Hi there!  I’m Amy Baker. I’m 27 and am married to the love of my life – Jordan. We married in 2012 on an overcast day in June a few years back. After we finished college we moved to the great white north – Yellowknife and that’s where I made my power play for a puppy! We ended up adopting our first baby, Nanuq, who might as well be an actual baby! She’s cuddly, sweet and always up for any adventure. We eventually moved back back down to BC and settled in my favourite place in the world (which also happens to be my hometown), Victoria! Coffee shops, hiking trails, farmers markets and beaches – what more could you want? In November 2015 all the dreams I never knew I had came true and we welcomed our baby girl to the scene! Finnley Mae makes our days brighter and our evenings a little less sleep filled. But we love her and every enthusiastic drooly spit bubble!


I’ve always valued and appreciated transparency and honesty. I think we are better able to connect and learn from one another when we’re honest about all the parts of our lives – not just the shiny, bright filtered ones we publish on the internet. This little corner of the internet is my play space where you may find a little (albeit too honest) piece of my mind on anything that comes to mind. Which means yes, current issues, marriage and family issues, maybe some baking here or there and lots of rambling about my little family! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Amy Sig