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Under Pressure

Before I begin, I know you’re all singing David Bowie with me now…moving on…

It’s been a week. A week since I launched my blog and guess what? I already feel the pressure. Pressure I knew was out there…but something I totally thought I could avoid.

It happened two days ago. I was organizing my posts, figuring out which days I was going to be posting what and guess what happened? Well first, I’ll give you the behind the scenes glimpse at what goes into me creating a post: At some point, I have to write the content, which for me, is the easy part (come onnnnn, we all know I’m never at a loss for words), then there’s the graphics. Now, this is the part where I struggle. Partly because as of present, I now have a teacup’s worth of photoshop experience (which is a lot more than what I started with. Paint and I were doing subpar together.). So anything I wanted to make that wasn’t just a straight up picture literally takes me days. Youtube tutorials, Pinterest articles, web forums “how do I…”. Trust me, I’m getting better. But the last part that was the part I was hung up on. Actual photographs. I had something I wanted to share with you guys (which I still will) but I was thrown off because I needed to take pictures in the kitchen. Like, actually said to Jordan while falling asleep Tuesday night “I don’t know what to post on Thursday because I can’t take the nice photos I want to”. I was literally losing sleep over this.

…Why is that an issue? It’s a little embarrassing.. I was losing sleep because I didn’t think my kitchen was pretty enough.




“I wonder who’d let me use their kitchen…Maybe I can go use my parents kitchen?” I was worried that my kitchen wasn’t as beautiful, bright and white as commonly seen on so many blogs. Not that there’s anything wrong with having a beautiful kitchen…I myself would love one someday. But the fact that i felt like I NEEDED one to take pictures in, that i was willing to go to someone else’s house in order to post any pictures for my blog made me realize I was falling victim to the social media charade of perfection. The one I said i was going to work so hard to avoid. One week into this blogging gig. Lawd have mercy.

It’s a delicate balance in this online world. I’ve recently heard to word “curate” in reference to blogging and I like it. I want to make sure I am putting content out there that is lovely and visually appealing and pictures people want to look at (I could post flip phone grainy 2005 style photos but you wouldn’t know whether you were looking at my baby or my dog, that would almost be a fun guessing game!) but I also want to keep it real. No, my kitchen isn’t huge, white and airy, my baby wears clothes from big chain stores that are sometimes a little on the *bright* side (but much cheaper than the alternative, I keep the lovely clothes for nice photos :D) and one corner of my bedroom has a stack of mismatched shoe boxes full of my husband’s random odds and sods and weird pen/pencil/highlighter collections (I know, TERRIBLE feng shui). Any blogging podcast you listen to will nag on and on about you NEED images to go with your content..,.and truthfully 98% of my life does not look like beautiful blog images.

And probably, if Facebook/Google Analytics/ all my very perceptive coffee dates are accurate – most of my lovely friends on here, understand this to some extent (though I’m sure all your kitchens are much lovelier than mine). Who hasn’t seen someone’s beautifully crafted photos and felt a little depressed their life didn’t look more like that? This girl right here.

I suppose if I was going to write something quotable in this post that you could tweet later (thanks in advance by the way ;)) it would be this – “The goal of this lifestyle blog is less about the style and more about the life”. It’s messy, it’s a rental house, it’s a young family on a tight budget, it’s one woman with an iPhone rearranging her counter tops, throw pillows and waiting patiently till the right moment with the best lighting in the house to take her little staged photos.

It’s real life ya’ll (I seriously have watched too much Nashville this week). Welcome to my house, and I’m thankful I have a kitchen (which really, I actually really like, it serves me well), it will do just fine thank you very much.

Have you ever felt this way? I can’t be the only one! Let me know in the comments (it makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only insecure internet creeper)!

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  • Hannah Martin

    August 18, 2016

    AMY. I adore you.

    I struggle so much with social media for my business. Sometimes I just go days without posting because I’m so overwhelmed by the pressure. Like in real life…I don’t care how many likes I get. But when you want a blog or business to be successful…it’s trying.

    You’re doing an amazing job. And honestly, I love seeing REAL moments and REAL photos even. Which you’re amazing at transparency and you’ll set a lot of people free being that way!

    reply to Hannah Martin
  • Beth

    August 5, 2016

    I struggle with the same thing when I write a blog! Part of what stops me from blogging more often is definitely not having the right picture. It’s okay girl – you do you, and we will be cheering you on. 🙂

    reply to Beth
  • Laura

    August 4, 2016

    Straight up right there with ya, sister. I do not love my kitchen and thus so not take pictures of it! I sure am loving your blog though!!!

    reply to Laura

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