I couldn’t keep you in suspense any longer! Mostly because I’m so excited to shout it from the roof tops! Jordan being Jordan made me keep a lid on it and schedule our celebration for today at 6:30 when the conditions were officially removed. First let me say: God is SO good. Only He could have made a way for us in such an impossible housing market.

We were looking for a detached single family home, with enough space to grow a family, with an income suite, in town. Literally what most every young family in Victoria is looking for. Everything we had been interested in had gone for $50-100,000 over asking..it wasn’t looking good for us. We had been officially looking and going to house viewings since February and so far NOTHING. The inventory was scarce, the competition was fierce and we knew God had the perfect house for us, we just needed to be patient.

We ended up putting our first offer in last week on our anniversary and the house ended up going for wayyyy more than asking and we were a little discouraged. Fast forward to last Monday our relators called us (PS Cal and Scott have been SO wonderful, patient and diligent in helping us find our perfect home – www.fabersfabuloushomes.com) and saying this place was still on the market after not receiving any offers the day before on a delayed offer deadline (SUPER rare in this market). So we went to look at it…part of me was suspicious why it hadn’t sold yet. There MUST be a good reason, we’d looked at tons of fixer uppers that went for much more than asking…and this one was not as horrendous as some of those and it was in a fantastic area. We hadn’t even looked at it in the first place, it was at the top end of our budget and would probably go for more.

The part that is still crazy to me is this: On the way there, I said to Jordan “This is our house”Jord looked and me like I was nuts and was like “Don’t say that..” and I replied with the clincher: “When have you heard me say that before?” He sat there for a minute and the music to my ears: “….Never”.

I just knew. There had been many houses that even before we went to look at them I knew they weren’t the one for us (I even called our realtors and cancelled a few) but this one, I just knew it. It was the same feeling I had when I first realized I had feelings for Jordan. I just knew. (PS Jordan and a house..almost the same level of commitment, though a house requires less hair gel!)

After we went through we gave Scott and Cal the thumbs up to write up an offer, and went for a long walk through our favourite wandering spot..the Costco Food Court. There’s nothing that a 1.50 hotdog and a drink can’t solve (at least in Jordan’s mind). It was a race against time! They had another showing that night and I later found out, four lined up for the next day! I wasn’t even nervous…I just knew it was ours. I talked about it all evening like it was ours and “when” we move. It was so bizarre!

There were so many little details that just fell in to place,  including that we got it for BELOW asking! (I later found out, he wouldn’t even look at an offer earlier that was the same as our original offer because it was “too low”) And, he also liked our offer because we wanted possession sooner than later! Thank you Jesus!

It’s in the perfect neighbourhood that is central to all areas of town that we frequent, it has a two bedroom suite and a perfect sized yard for kids to run around in (but not that we’ll be outside mowing forever). It’s going to need a TON of work so be sure to check back here for updates! We take possession July 31st and let the renovation fun beginnnn (I say that now..but look for me, bald on one side, crying in a corner covered in drywall dust on August 7th) There are so many details that have already just confirmed that this is our house. I’ll try not to talk your ear off this post, but let me tell you literal MIRACLES. I’ll save those for another post!

Seriously, thank you already for all the support from those that have been with us on this crazy ride. There were ups and downs and we are very aware of what a blessing and privilege this is even in the middle of some of the stressful moments. Today in the midst of my excitement, I was reading about Syrians trapped in Mosul by ISIS, boiling cardboard to soften it and feed it to their children. My heart broke into a thousand pieces. I cannot imagine anything close to this reality. On a day we get to celebrate such excitement and material blessing, people are living in an absolutely nightmare (both internationally, and sadly, locally, in other ways). While our new home may not directly affect those in this crisis, my prayer and dream has always been to have a home that is a shelter, a sanctuary and a safe place for many. I can’t wait to welcome people into our home, friends, family and hopefully one day, foster children. May our home not only bless us, but bless the community we live in.

Thank you again for sharing in our excitement. It means the world to us that we have such a beautiful community that shares in our griefs but also our joy. Thank you!! And check back!